Friday, September 23, 2011

c'est le weekend.

Weekends don't mean very much to me now that I'm a stay-at-home mom, but it always feels good to announce "TGIF," doesn't it?

We're suddenly expecting company -- J's parents are dropping by unannounced (well, until last night at least). L will be 4 months tomorrow and was supposed to have a doctor's appointment for her "well-child" check-up and vaccinations, but I rescheduled for next week because I just wasn't feeling it, especially after last night when she woke up every hour to eat. Other than that, no set plans. I'd love to take a walk in some crisp fall weather to kick up some of the leaves that are already down and maybe bake an apple crisp or something else homey, but I'm not counting on it because L is a little too unpredictable for that!

I'm also hoping to get some book reviews written up because I have so much to tell you about what I've been reading and listening to -- a great mystery and coming-of-age story that's very Lovely Bones meets A Tree Grows in Brooklyn (but in the best possible way), an espionage and art thriller, and the first installment of a promising new kids' adventure series. And I have to tell you all about my love/hate relationship with e-books, too.

What are your plans this weekend?

(illustration by Arthur Rackham, found here -- this picture used to hang in my bedroom growing up.
Don't you just love fall?)


  1. I hope you're "feeling it" again soon - and can get out to enjoy a beautiful weekend this weekend? (Maybe J's parents can babysit while you take a break?) - it'll be good to hear what you've been reading, too! We're going apple picking and to the Ren Fest tomorrow (I think we're a bit insane, but I am married to a Hansen, so the more we can cram into a day, the better, right?) ;o) TGIF, dear Courtney!

  2. Apple crisp--oh, that sounds lovely right now! If I lived a bit closer I would happily bake and deliver you one. Which is not to say that I actually know how to do such a thing, but at the moment--while I'm denial about my own time constraints--it sounds like an excellent plan...