Tuesday, September 27, 2011

have you ever won a contest?

I have never, ever, ever won a raffle or a drawing where I didn't have to demonstrate some sort of talent or skill of some kind. Ever. I try all the time -- I enter giveaways from magazines, put my name in for drawings from local businesses, and post comments on blogs to try to win freebies from site sponsors. To no avail. I was just listening to a RadioLab where they said it's actually not unexpected for someone to win the lottery twice. I just want to win something once!

Case in point: design*sponge is having an awesome giveaway this week. How cool would it be to win a set of these? (They remind me of books my mom might pick to make as book purses!)

I posted my favorite line from a John Keats poem in the hopes of winning, but I'm not holding my breath. Did you enter? What line did you pick? If I don't win, I hope you do!


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  2. Some time in the last month I read an article about a guy who enters hundreds of drawings each day and somehow wins enough to support his family. He considers it his full-time job. This made me mad since, like you, I enter things all the time and have pretty much never won anything. (Notable exception: a radio shaped like a '57 Chevy which I won in a drawing when I was 3rd grade; I tried to give back because I couldn't believe I was actually the rightful winner and assumed they had mistaken me for someone else.) Anyway, I wish I could provide you with a link (it was an interesting, if infuriating, read), but I can't seem to remember enough detail to bring it up in a search--and I'm not even sure where I read it!