Tuesday, November 8, 2011

feeling free.

I just spent the past 45 minutes of L's nap (ignoring one short wake-up, she's been sleeping for an hour and twenty minutes!) crawling out from under a pile of spam.

No, not that kind -- this kind!

Do you have a "junk email" address? I used to have a yahoo account as my main email address, back when yahoo was cool. Now I just use it for online purchases so that I don't get a lot of spam in my real email inbox. But even that was overwhelming: I hadn't checked the account in over a week, and I had SEVEN HUNDRED emails to delete. Yikes! It's hard to find my banking information and cell phone bills when they are sandwiched between coupons I'll never use from Bath and Body Works and Stonewall Kitchen. So I went through and unsubscribed to everything I could find. It sounds like it could take over a week to stop receiving emails from all of these places, but I already feel so, so much better.

In fact, I was feeling so good about getting unburied that I decided to cancel two magazine subscriptions I've had for ages: Glamour and Vogue. I am embarrassed to admit that I currently receive 8 magazines in the mail -- and I'm feeling like that's about 6 too many. Five of the subscriptions are either free or were gifts, though, so I decided to axe two of the remaining ones. And I cannot give up Real Simple -- just not happening. I feel a little bad getting rid of two fashion magazines, like I'm admitting that now I'm a mom I am resigned to a life of sweatpants and bad hair. But I promise that I'm keeping current thanks to some stylish mommy blogs and, of course, pinterest.

Next up for a major overhaul: the bathroom closet!


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  1. 1. i totally have my yahoo account for junk mail too, but i never delete it. a scary amount of mail, i know.
    2. i am jealous that you have a closet in your bathroom. hell, just a closet. what i wouldn't give for a closet.