Wednesday, November 30, 2011

very wordy Wednesday: holiday book wish list

In my continued attempt to refuse to conform to expectations, in this case the blogosphere's mandated daily post topics, I bring you another very wordy and book-related post: my holiday book wish list!

Dear Santa, if you think I've been good this year, please bring me these books to make 2012 a great year of reading.

Great with Child: Letters to a Young Mother by Beth Ann Fennelly. I read an excerpt from this somewhere, somehow during my pregnancy and loved it,  but never got around to seeking out the source, and then I was reminded of it the other day on a blog you just might also be following. Fennelly wrote (almost) daily letters to a former student during her pregnancy, reflecting on her own experiences as a new mother through the emotional upheaval of expecting a child, delivery, and the first few years of motherhood. Even though I don't need labor advice at this point, I'm still really excited to read the rest of it. (It kind of reminds me of Rilke.)

Operating Instructions: A Journal of My Son's First Year by Anne Lamott. It's hard not to love Anne Lamott -- I own most of her books of collected essays, but this is one that hasn't yet made it onto my bookshelf. I can't wait to read her reflections on single motherhood and trying to learn how to be a good parent to her darling son.

A Red Herring Without Mustard by Alan Bradley. If you've been paying any attention, you know exactly why I want this book: more Flavia!

The Repurposed Library: 33 Craft Projects That Give Old Books New Life by Lisa Occhipinti. Filled with beautiful ideas for upcycling books, this will be a great companion to another title I purchased recently, Playing with Books (curated by the founder of Rag and Bone Bindery), and should be the inspirational kick-in-the-pants I need to get my Etsy shop up and running in 2012.

Death Comes to Pemberley by P. D. James. One of the greatest living mystery writers pens a thriller fan fic about her beloved Pride and Prejudice? Somebody pinch me, because I must be dreaming.

Good Graces by Lesley Kagen. Can't wait to read more about Sally and Troo!

The Perils of Morning Coffee by Alexander McCall Smith. An ebook novella that continues the Isabel Dalhousie series -- only 56 pages, but a steal at $1.99!

Devil's Trill  by Gerald Elias. A mystery novel -- the first in a series -- written by the former associate concertmaster of the Utah Symphony about the theft of a Stradivarius. It was a Barnes and Noble "Discover New Writers" award winner back in 2009.

Anything I'm missing? What other books should I be wishing for this holiday season?

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