Friday, August 3, 2012

Friday faves.

Happy Friday, y'all. A good friend of mine from Colorado happens to be driving through town (well, kinda close, anyway) on her way out east -- she just got hitched and is moving all the way to Germany! Can't wait to see her and have her meet Lorelei. Then on Saturday I'll be headed to Suzi's blessingway to help prepare her for a powerful, meaningful birth in just a few short weeks.

Hoping we'll get to grill out this weekend too -- grilled corn on the cob is pretty darn perfect, as Lorelei can attest.

Some links to love this hot and sunny Friday:

A thoughtful and thought-provoking post from PJ about blogging as a career. Plus, tips about "the darker side of blogging."

Joanna and her husband Alex must read my blog, 'cause I just posted about this!

My dear friend Beth and ARC are working hard to raise funds for Somalia through their "I Am a Star" campaign -- cheer on the two-person Olympic team from Somalia and help them meet their goal!

My mother-in-law cooked this for us when she was here and it was amazing.

Just got this in the mail -- so excited for a kitchen makeover! Especially excited that I got it for $10 a roll. :)

I really want to try making this, but I'm swamped with prepping for my first craft fair later this month!


  1. The meal that your mother-in-law made looks delicious! I am pinning it ASAP.

  2. A friend of mine did the hand-bound journal for one of his writing pieces and he said it took him several hours! It's gorgeous though.

  3. Really appreciated the link to "the darker side of blogging." These are reminders I constantly need and it's great to hear them from other, wiser people!