Friday, October 5, 2012

falling into fall (Friday round up).

The weather around here has suddenly taken a turn for the very brisk -- and I'm certainly not complaining about having to get out my fall sweaters and knee-high boots! There's so much to love about fall, and it's so fleeting, that I'm trying to embrace it all with as much wild abandon as I can.

this is the only source I can find for this darling illustration, unfortunately.

This pumpkin cake (which I've made twice in the past two weeks for various events) has garnered more recipe requests than I've ever gotten on anything else I make! Warning: it is pretty decadent.

I'm wearing one of my favorite pairs of tights today (a more fall-appropriate version of these) -- where do you find cute ones?

I have all kinds of visions for how to use this -- gifts, craft projects, you name it!

A friend introduced me to this new online shop -- loving this pumpkin-colored sweater.

Have you been watching this new show? Or this Jane Austen web series?

This made me happy. Almost as happy as finding organic honeycrisp apples at the grocery store on Wednesday. Score!

Happy weekend :)


  1. Ahh that last link made me teary eyed, so sweet!! Hope you guys have a wonderful fall weekend!

  2. I love that last link! I wish I had a photo like that of my husband!

  3. Oh, P.S., loving another UK show called Land Girls, check it out!