Wednesday, November 7, 2012

and the winner is...

Sorry (or, you're welcome?), I'm not doing a political post today. But I am telling you about the recent kids' books we've been reading and which one is our new favorite!

Richard Scarry's Best Word Book Ever
This is an oldie but a goodie -- and Lorelei is reading my old copy, actually! My mom said my brother and I were obsessed with this book, and my daughter is no different: she wants to read this several times a day. There are so many things to point out and talk about on every page, and as she learns new words and concepts we find more and more to look at. Recently, she's been excited about acting out certain pages (like Kenny getting ready in the morning and all of the kids at the playground). You can find vintage copies on Etsy and eBay, or find a new version for a steal.

Judy Hindley's Baby Talk
Confession: the dollhouse, plastic zoo animals, and car carpet at the library are right next to the "H" section of the children's books, so we tend to check out a lot of books by H-named authors. Luckily, we love Judy Hindley's books -- especially because her text is always paired with illustrations that are captivating for toddlers. Lorelei loves this title in particular; it walks you through a baby's typical day and is a great way to practice the kinds of words and phrases that your new talker might be trying out. I found hardcover copies on Books-a-Million for as little as $2.99.

Willa Perlman's Good Night, World
We loved this book so much we renewed it from the library! The sweet rhyming text and whimsical illustrations make for the perfect bedtime story -- you'll like it so much you'll have the whole thing memorized after a few reads. There's a redwing blackbird (my favorite!) on every page which is fun for little fingers to point to. Barnes and Noble has used copies for $3 and up.

Stephen Savage's Where's Walrus?
I don't always love wordless books, but this one is just so fun! This plucky walrus just wants to find a place to fit in -- and it's hilarious to watch him running away from the zookeeper and trying on different hats, literally and figuratively, until he figures out what makes him happy. The illustrations have a classic feel (lots of bloggers have posted about this book because it is so graphically pleasing) and you and your toddler will laugh and clap together at the perfect ending. $7.50 and up on Alibris.

And the winner is...

All of them!

Lorelei's pick: Baby Talk
Dad's pick: Where's Walrus?
Mom's pick: Good Night, World
The one we read the most, so the winner by time spent reading it: Best Word Book Ever


  1. Best Word Book is my all time favorite children's book. I read it obsessively as a child. It's my go to baby gift because I want every child to have a copy. You and Lorelei have excellent taste!

  2. We have the Little Golden Book version of the Best Word Book, and I try and convince Noah that we should read it all the time because I remember reading it when I was young. He's not quite as interested in it as I am, ha!

  3. Richard Scarry is amazing. When I was home last, my grandma gave me a copy of Richard Scarry's Mother Goose she found. Apparently my mom had given it to my brother and me in 1989. Good Night, World looks great, too. I just checked our library's online catalog, and it doesn't look like they have it. I may have to break down and order it.

  4. Oh, The Best Word Book! When I was little we had the Complete World of Richard Scarry - these huge hardback picture books - and I HAVE to see if they are still in my parents attic. After we were gifted "I am a Bunny" at the girls' book shower, I remembered how incredible he is and have become slightly obsessed.