Thursday, November 29, 2012

ornament exchange, part two

Remember when I told you about Leah's ornament exchange? Well, first of all, THANK YOU for signing up to participate and mentioning that I had told you about it, because I won the prize for most referrals! And second, I wanted to share with you the ornament I made...

...and the one I just received in the mail, which Lorelei has declared to be her favorite of all the ornaments on our tree and has been proudly carrying around the house. I love that it's repurposed from an old can lid and card catalog cards discarded by a local library!

It's been awfully busy around here, which is why I've been absent from posting - I've processed about two dozen Etsy orders in the past week (one more to go and I'll have 100 Etsy sales since April! Woo-hoo!) and we've got some other news which I'll be sharing soon, too (hint: it's going to involve a lot of boxes). Back with more soon, I promise!


  1. Ooo! Love your ornament! I definitely want to participate next year.

  2. Your ornament is beautiful! So is the one you got in the mail! What a fun idea!

  3. Wow! Congrarulations on all the etsy orders! I love the ornament you made, and the one you got, too. I have an idea, but am looking forward to hearing your official announcement!

    P.S. As you know, I've been rereading Anna Karenina and, to my great delight, every time Annabelle sees me with the book, she asks me to read aloud to her. The joy! Of course I skip over words and entire passages as I share, but she actually listens and keeps talking about Kitty and Levin. I could kiss you for inspiring me to read it again :)