Saturday, May 25, 2013

what do you get a two-year-old for her birthday?

Apparently, this (the first four items were specific requests):

an Elmo backpack ("Eh-mo ba-pa") [similar but not identical to L's]
a purple car ("purpo caca") [harder to find than you might think - we went with Hot Wheels]
a Thomas train
a train cake, made by yours truly (thanks for the yellow cake recipe, Smitten Kitchen - I went with a buttercream frosting that I dyed blue)
two of her favorite books from the library
a dinosaur shirt

A few other gifts from relatives (like her cool new trike and a great farm set), but otherwise that was it. If you didn't already know, Lorelei is a girl, but we don't always dress her up like a little fairy princess. And, really, trains and cars and dinosaurs are pretty cool.

Lorelei's dress is from Tea Collection and her snazzy button is from Target. And that's all the unpaid advertising I have for today! :)


  1. What wonderful gifts! How cool that she chose them herself too. I adore the fact that nothing is super 'girly', Edie is obsessed with all manner of vehicles, building blocks and animals and has so far shown zero interest in dolls or princesses. I truly believe that most of that gender stuff is learnt by our kids as they get more awareness about the social rules around girls stuff and boys stuff. So nice to see more parents just letting their little ones figure out what they like and going with it!

    Also, she is so freaken cute. Happy birthday Lorelai!

  2. Adorable! Happy Birthday! She is a doll. I love her gifts...I'm tempted to dye a bunch of pasta bright colors and give it to the girls in all different containers for their 2nd! We're also on the hunt for two little backpacks on wheels, they love them.