Sunday, August 11, 2013


Doing: Editing pictures for my Etsy shop. I have something close to 100 items to list in my shop and it takes a lot of work to get them ready! That's the trouble with one-of-a-kind crafting - I can't just reuse "stock" photos and listings like other Etsians do. If I paid myself for the amount of time I had to spend creating write-ups and fine-tuning images, I'd have to charge three times what I do now!

Thinking about: When is this baby girl coming? Going by my official due date, if this baby comes exactly when Lorelei did, I'll be in the hospital on Wednesday. My mom is coming to stay with us starting tomorrow so I can stop agonizing about what will happen with my darling little toddler when I go into labor. It's hard not to have family super close by in these kinds of circumstances!

Listening to: Unfortunately, some really sad songs at the local farmers' market last week - they always have a free lunchtime concert by a local musician or group, and Lorelei and I usually get in a few good spins and boogies to the toe-tapping tunes they play. This week, though, it was a folksy guitar girl playing all kinds of make-you-cry ballads like "Puff the Magic Dragon" and "Make You Feel My Love." Good thing I was wearing sunglasses so my teary eyes weren't so noticeable...I'm not usually one for crying in public, but these pregnancy hormones are getting to me!

Reading: Erin Hart's The Book of Killowen. I've loved her Nora Gavin series so far and am enjoying this one, too, though I've been reading pretty slowly lately because I'm too tired to get through more than a page or two before bedtime.

Coveting: skinny jeans. I've been dreaming about them for weeks now. How fast do you think I can lose this baby weight so I can try on the things I ordered (in multiple sizes, just in case) before it's past their return date and I'm stuck with them? Dilemmas, people.

Just wanted you to know I'm still around - the first news of baby girl's arrival will probably be on Twitter and/or Instagram, so make sure you're a follower if you're anxiously awaiting the news! :)


  1. "Puff The Magic Dragon" always makes me sob my eyes out!

  2. ah! I am working on trying to figure out jeans right now. my old ones fit, but don't look amazing unless i have the right top on...i need to go shopping! thinking about you tons across the pond - can't wait to "meet" your new baby!