Thursday, January 14, 2016

homeward bound.

Halfway. Our adventure in the Big Easy is closer and closer to being over, and even though these last five and a half months have felt plenty long, it's suddenly as if the universe is conspiring to make our final five and a half as busy as possible. I'll miss these red brick walls outside our door and the little home we've made here, but I'm trying not to dwell on the missing and spend time in the living, instead.

It's funny, feeling a bit stuck in suspended animation: I have so many ideas bumping around in my head these days about what I'd like to do next with my writing and my shop and my life, in general, but I can't really get started on any of them from here. I picked "focus" as my 2016 word of the year for good reason. It's nice to be forced to live today for today, even if it sometimes makes me feel itchy to turn the page. My to-do list for life here is long enough.

I've also been a bit stuck about writing here lately: I have several half-written posts and I'm struggling with their imperfections but also with the knowledge that anything I post on my blog, no matter how many few readers there might be, is unlikely to be accepted anywhere else because it's "already published." For now, they're stuck in suspended animation, too - but I'm hoping to figure out a solution soon. This little writing home of mine needs some focus and care.

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  1. AH!!!! I get to visit you tomorrow (hopefully)!!!! Can't wait to see you!