Thursday, April 26, 2012

adventures in motherhood: working girl.

Whether or not you get a paycheck for what you do, I think we can agree that we are all working moms in some form or other, because raising children is serious work. Even most traditional "stay at home moms" seem to have something going on the side in addition -- grad school classes at night, an Etsy shop, looking after someone else's little one, or putting something out there in the blog world. We're all busy, we're all tired, we're all in need of a little "me time" and some appreciation for what we do 'round here.

From all sides of a multifaceted "debate" (we're all in this together, though, right?), here are a few mom perspectives to check out:

Amber's guilty conscience about her working life and setting priorities
Michelle's thoughts on the isolation of being a SAHM
PJ's big decision on reducing her hours at work
D's reasons for quitting her job
A multi-part series on juggling work and motherhood featuring some bloggers you probably know and love
An Offbeat Mama post that really struck a chord with me
Liz Gumbinner on the myth of the rich, selfish working mom


  1. There seems to be a lot of this debate going around lately and it's really disheartening for me to see. Moms are moms are moms, and we ALL work hard! You're exactly right - we're all in this together! Moms who work full-time, work-at-home-moms, and stay-at-home-moms all put in 24 hour days, and we should be supporting one another, not arguing about who "works harder."

  2. Thanks for the links...and I totally agree with the previous comment! Well said!

  3. Thanks for the shout-out :-)

    I never really realized how much debate there is surrounding how people parent their children...until I had one of my own. Like crunchfarmbaby said above, we ALL work hard, and we all do our best for our kids.

    Thanks for all of the perspectives!

  4. Good links here. I have no idea how to find the balance between work and motherhood - throw in blogging and fuhgettaboutit! But whether one chooses to stay at home or go back to work is a personal decision and one that (hopefully) is for the best for her family. Who is anyone else to judge, right? How lucky that you get a year off for maternity leave!!

  5. Really good links. Thanks for sharing. I'm so fortunate that I didn't have to go back to work, although if we would have had only one baby I think I would have...and I appreciate hearing what these women have to say.