Friday, June 7, 2013


You guys, my to-do list keeps getting longer and longer. I add more things than I take off. Anybody else having the same problem?

The big stuff, right now, is all baby-related. I saw this nursery and totally fell in love!

photograph taken by from Jess at CINO - click on image to go directly to Craftiness Is Not Optional's post about her amazing DIY nursery

I had intended to make a quilt for the new baby myself, but with only about 10 weeks to go (o.m.ggggggg) I finally admitted to myself that I just don't have enough time, so it's all ordered on Etsy and should arrive in a month. Meanwhile, my mom and I are working on the details: crib skirt, throw pillows for extra cushiness on the rocking chair, a mobile, wall hangings. The picture above is definitely my inspiration, but I'm excited to show you how it all looks once we have everything ready. (And all those boxes out of the way...) I shared a sneak peek of my fabric on Instagram - hop on over to see it! And check out my Pinterest pregnancy board for more details about what I'm working on.

And because I always struggle with guilt, I'm making some new things for Lorelei's room, too - especially needed since she'll be moving to her "big girl" bed in just a few weeks! Lifting her in and out of her crib is becoming pretty problematic for this growing mama, so let's hope she's ready for the transition. Things I've learned so far: pinking shears are more expensive than you might think.

Any big projects in your future? Share in the comments and/or provide a link to anything you've recently accomplished - I'd love to ooh and ahhh over it all!


  1. my big project was to get to the post office today to mail your baby a welcome present. i accomplished it. go me. i also made dinner for my family. check.

  2. oh my goodness. i have immediately gone to your pinterest page and pinned this because i am now in love.

    so, honestly you are doing WAY better than me. penelope is 6+ months old and i still haven't done a thing to her room. seriously, there a mattress on the floor that we sleep in together, a few toys and books and that is it! i keep telling myself i'll get around to pulling it together but it just never happens. maybe this in give me a little more inspiration and motivation!

  3. Oh Courtney I am going crazy on Pinterest and drooling over all of these projects I CAN'T do! We're moving so soon and will probably rent for a year when we get there so it's driving me crazy. I have to start refocusing on renter-type projects and maybe finding some cool furniture pieces to make over or something. But I guess to answer your question, our project is packing and moving!

    1. And just to add, Darwin's nursery was not "done" when he arrived. And I didn't have another baby to worry about and only worked part time...

  4. That inspiration photo is great, and I love the fabrics you chose. I'm curious about your quilt who did you order it from?

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