Monday, January 13, 2014


If you follow me on Pinterest or Instagram, you might have noticed a new board or a few pictures recently labeled #52weeks52projects. I have been on a pinning hiatus recently because I felt guilty for pinning tons of things that I never actually got around to making, and it seemed silly to hoard ideas. But the new intentional me decided that, instead of abandoning ship, I should just make them, already! I'm aiming for about one new DIY a week - maybe slightly more/less depending on how difficult the tutorial turns out to be. Here are my first two attempts:

1/52: bobble-frame purse [things I learned: don't start with such a hard-to-match-up fabric the first time, take your time with the embroidery thread part or it will look super messy; sewing a curved line on a sewing machine is way harder than I thought it would be]

2/52: yo yos [things I learned: I can't sew even stitches to save my life, apparently. Thank goodness the Joann's in town sells yo yo makers so I could just do this the cheater way.]

Next up: a skirt for Lorelei. Wish me luck!


  1. You are ambitious! 52 projects?! But I'm sure you'll feel so accomplished. Plus, have a home full of fun things to show off.

  2. What a wonderful plan! I can't wait to see what else you create. That coin purse looks perfect!

  3. I read an awesome sewing tip from Megan Nielsen's blog for sewing a straight line! Remove the bottom piece of paper on a pad of sticky notes and adhere it to your sewing machine wherever your seam allowance extends to, then just keep your fabric lines up with the sticky note pad and voila - straight line. Isn't that such a great idea? I've been sewing for years and still struggle with a straight line. :-p

  4. I may or may not have squeed a little out loud when I saw those yoyo paper clips. So cute!