Friday, October 7, 2011

Friday round-up.

Do you ever listen to The Diane Rehm Show? She does a "Friday News Round-Up" every week. Life has been too busy for posting these past few days (baby not napping, doctor's appointments, planning for 17 relatives to descend on our tiny house next week), but here's a quick recap of what's been capturing my interest lately:

This recipe.

This ironic news story.

This incredible house -- see all of the posts here and here.

This swing (trying not to get my hopes up despite all of the rave reviews).

These two contests.

This book, excitedly anticipated by the author of another series I love.

And isn't that just the nicest sentiment (above)?

Happy weekend, all! And shanah tovah -- may you be sealed in the book of Life!

p.s. hit "post" rather than "save" before I was totally done -- sorry for the edits!

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  1. Great post! I love that sentiment - thanks for sharing - and best of luck with the busy house! Also, that's a nice-looking swing. Have you seen the Mamaroo? The one you're looking at is a bit more traditional/sweet-looking than it - someone showed the Mamaroo to me a while ago and it made me laugh with how intense it is: