Tuesday, January 10, 2012

girl, you know I do.

All of the Ryan Gosling tumblrs are totally cracking me up right now. Especially this one:

Someone I know posted a "Pay It Forward" handmade crafts status on Facebook, and I now find myself making something for two former students, a former colleague who lives in Guatemala, and the craftiest person I know in my hometown. I figure it's a good way to kickstart me into getting my store up and running, right?


  1. Oh my word. These are so funny! Thanks for posting them

  2. I saw some images of him with different quotes on Pinterest. I was literally laughing aloud. So funny! I think they way each one begins with, "hey girl" make the quote even funnier! Thanks for sharing these.

    I haven't seen the other blog you shared, but I always enjoy finding new blogs. Thanks for sharing.

    So sorry you weren't able to find my blog. Being so new to blogging, I didn't think about the new URL not automatically redirecting. :-/ I'm glad you found me again though!

  3. haha those are so funny and I have to admit I think he is a very handsome man!!

  4. HAHA I love these. I laughed out (very) loudly when I read the one about the chalkpaint. Too good!

  5. Ha!
    Can't stop giggling. Although, I'm not the biggest Ryan fan...I wouldn't protest if he offered to get some more yarn for me!