Wednesday, February 8, 2012

for the love of fiction.

I'm fully ensconced in some Flavia at the moment -- review coming soon -- but this e-card (spotted on Pinterest) has been on the brain lately:

Do you get ridiculously attached to fictional characters the way I do? It's part of the reason I can't stand to read books with sad endings -- dealing with illness and heartbreak and death is bad enough in real life! It's why I've never read the final Poirot mystery even though I know what happens. And though Downton Abbey isn't a book (though The Onion begs to differ), I can't help feeling my heartstrings seriously tugged whenever Anna gets that weepy look...

A dear friend of mine wrote a beautiful poem that touches on the power of fictional characters to unlock the secret hearts of the protagonists in our own stories. For more of her poetry, you can visit her blog here.

Why I Read Fiction by Megan E. Freeman

You've no interest
in things that never happened
to folks who don't exist

but every time
I turn the final page
(The End)

a timber bar
across a castle door
lifts up

the drawbridge
of a slightly broken heart
slides down

inviting you across
a brackish moat

my fortress of non-fiction

where I live and breathe and wait
only what's true

only for you


  1. It's so funny that you mentioned Downton, because that's exactly what I thought of when I saw the e-card!

  2. Oh, I totally get attached to fictional characters...especially in books.

    Also, I'm kind of annoyed because Downton Abbey won't be on here until the 12th. I'm anxiously waiting because I've never seen it and I've been dying to watch it.

  3. Oh, I get completely attached to them. To the point that I've pretty much convinced myself that characters like Darcy, Elizabeth, Harry, Ron, & Hermione are all real people... Yup.

  4. I'm the same way, especially with books! I get so attached to the characters and always feel sorda sad when a book ends. I have never watched Downtown Abbey, I keep hearing good things about it though so maybe I should check it out!

  5. Such a sweet post, and I'm so glad it's not just me that goes through this.. books make me laugh, cry, everything.. I can feel sad for ages over something that happened to someone that doesn't exist!

    When I read The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks I cried through exactly half of the book.. it was heartbreaking!