Friday, March 30, 2012

Fünf für Freitag. (liebster)

Emily at A Denver Home Companion tagged me for the Liebster Award this week, so I figured my round-'em-up for Friday post would be the best place to share the love, err, liebe.

I post about blogs I love on a regular basis, and with my recent parenting series you are already pretty aware of some of my faves. So, as per the liebster award rules, here are five other up-and-coming blogs you should be reading:

Cooks Like She Talks
Design Me Daily
Letters to Lily
Our Little Lentil
The Funky Junkie

Libby, Sarah, Cassie, Kristina, and Brenda -- you're under no obligation whatsoever, but if you'd like you can create your own Liebster post to honor up to five blogs that deserve a shout-out (read: under 200 followers, though it can be hard to figure that out sometimes) that links back to this post, if you'd like to keep the love going!

Happy reading! Happy blogging! Happy Friday!


  1. Aww, thanks :) I've meant to say that for the longest time now! Maybe someday I'll get around to do a Liebster post of my own... if only I could catch up on everything else!!!