Friday, April 13, 2012

baby book club. (a friday round up)

It's been a little while since I posted about what baby and I are reading together -- so today's typical Friday post is all things picture book related. Here's what L and I highly recommend you find at your local library:

Symphony City by Amy Martin
The pictures in this book are GORGEOUS. So gorgeous that I've considered ordering some of her artwork as prints for our house. The story is sweet, too -- a girl gets separated from her grandfather on the subway and the music of the city keeps her safe on her journey back home to her mother.

Hen Hears Gossip by Megan McDonald and Joung Un Kim
I love the collage-y artwork of this quirky little story about farm animals who are a little too eager to spread some news they don't really know that much about. (Favorite misheard line: "A lady yak was born?!")

Don't Let the Pigeon Stay Up Late! by Mo Willems
I know I'm coming pretty late to the party on Willems' pigeon series, but this book makes us laugh so hard. Who isn't in the mood for a hot dog party instead of going to bed?

I'm Not Scared! by Jonathan Allen
Allen's "I'm Not..." series featuring Baby Owl and his little stuffed Owly are our favorite bedtime reads, and L knows exactly when to turn the pages now that she's heard this one so many times. Can't wait to read it with her once she actually understands the words, too!

Babyberry Pie by Heather Vogel Frederick and Amy Schwartz
I sing the Pie Song (from the movie Waitress) at every nap and every night as a lullaby, so this was a perfect fit for us as a bedtime story, too. I love the idea of describing a routine as a "recipe" as you snuggle your baby into bed.

As for me, I'm finishing up Animal, Vegetable, Miracle. What are you reading this weekend?


  1. animal, vegetable, miracle is SO good. i hope you enjoyed it. hubby and i were rather inspired by it.

  2. Thanks for the great reads, these children books sound wonderful! We will have to check them out! I wanna start taking Chloe to the library once week!

  3. I was late to the Mo Willems party, too. These all look like such good choices. We're definitely going to have to check them out. We got First The Egg from the library a couple of weeks ago, and Liam loved the die cuts.

  4. Thanks for the book recs! I can't wait to check out Symphony City. I borrowed the Hunger Games trilogy from my little sis and spent the last few days barreling through, so now I'm returning to real life. Glad I got those out of the way! ;)

  5. L has 5 new books coming her way for her big birthday! They are all my favourite British kids books for her age - don't want to ruin the surprise. ;) As for me, I left my kindle at the apartment in Scotland, so I won't be reading anything until it comes in the post.

  6. Right now I'm reading "Last Child in the Woods"... haven't gotten very far as I read during my pump breaks, but so far it's great!

    Adelaide and I went to the library yesterday after a long hiatus. Oh my! It is much more difficult now (though some weird sort of fun) because she pulls all the books off the shelf, reads the first page, and then tosses it aside for the next book! Plus, of course, the CDs, DVDs, and tables with crayons and paper... Ahh!