Friday, April 6, 2012

holy weekend, batman!

And a very Good Friday to you -- literally. We've got a busy weekend in store, since Passover starts tonight, tomorrow is my husband's birthday, and I've got to sing in my church choir for Easter service on Sunday. That's what we get for living in such an ecumenical household!

Why is this night different from all other nights? Well, we're heading in to Chicago to break matzoh with my husband's extended family and will attempt, for the first time, to put our non-sleeping daughter to bed in one place and then transfer her (via an hour-long car ride) back to her own crib later in the night. Are we crazy? Yes, yes we are.

A few holiday-minded links for you this Friday:

My two favorite flourless chocolate cake recipes, since The Professor's birthday is during Passover 40% of the time which eliminates a lot of choices: this one has a caramel sauce, and this one has espresso and raspberries.

From earlier in the week, my mom's Easter cookie tradition.

Always wondered how and why Passover and Easter move around the calendar? Here's your answer -- and an explanation for why they are usually, but not always, at about the same time.

A baby-friendly seder plate!

The amazing piece my choir sang for Good Friday services last year; if you're short on time, skip to 4:44 to have your socks knocked off (no, this is not a recording of us -- I wish!).

Ridiculously delicious Easter eggs.

Happy Easter! Happy Pesach! Happy Spring!


  1. Wow what a busy weekend! We are celebrating Passover with family tonight and tomorrow and then Easter on Sunday as well!

    I hope you have a great Passover and Easter weekend!

  2. Sounds like you are busy!

    Have a wonderful Easter with your family!


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    A wonderful post!

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