Saturday, April 28, 2012

three things you should know.

1. Thanks so much for indulging me this week with my "posts" that have mostly pointed you elsewhere. I'm not caught up on sleep or anything else, but it helped to have a week "off" from blogging. I promise to get around to your blogs again soon so I can be back in the loop on your lives, too!

2. A member of my moms' group shared this on Facebook, and I wanted to share it with you because it has a little bit to do with my post about the motherhood "debate" and a lot to do with my feelings of inadequacy and overwhelmed-ness lately. Hope it strikes a chord with you, too.

3. In just a few short days, one of my favorite blog babies will be turning ONE -- a huge milestone! I'm sure you're all following Liam and Amber already, but in case you missed it, Amber's sponsoring a giveaway in honor of the big day. The book she's offering up looks fantastic -- stop over to help her celebrate!

See you Monday morning with a slightly modified version of my regular mixtape...


  1. Thanks, Courtney. I also love the link you shared about blogs, Pinterest, and feelings of inadequacy.

  2. OMG I typed out a REALLY LONG COMMENT and then blogger at it. What a jerk. I just wanted to type out my thoughts on the inadequacy and comparison post... of course.

    Basically, it said that a few years ago, people started realizing that blogging could make money, and that the blogs that were making money had pretty pictures and everything was perfect (or it was perfectly imperfect, you know, the right amount of hot mess single girl and walks of shame), and then everyone wanted to emulate that so that they could get sponsors and money. But it doesn't work if everyone does it.

    This is so salient right now, this message is all over my reader, that we really do have to check this comparing shit, and leave it. I want to read blogs about real people and their real lives. I do not want to read about your preachy "niche" topic about vintage trinkets, or minimalist living, or only about how "whole foods" your pantry is. I want to know about your LIFE too.

    Anyway. Sorry for the soapbox. My first comment was way better. Stupid internet eating it.

  3. I've had that link to Revolution From Home bookmarked and JUST got around to reading, and I'm glad I did! So great. Thanks for sharing!