Monday, May 7, 2012

monday morning mixtape: my three songs #2

I'm back with another My Three Songs challenge! Last week you proved to be waaaaaay better at this game than I anticipated, so I'm upping the ante this week (at least I think I am -- if someone gets the right answer in the first two minutes again, I'm going to have some serious work cut out for me!)

Heartless Bastards' "Skin and Bone"

The Phoenix Foundation's "Flock of Hearts"

MxPx "Under Lock and Key"

Identify the connection between these three songs -- ANY (not just the first) correct responses will be entered into the Monday Morning Mixtape prize pack drawing (do I sound like a radio DJ?)

Check back on this post Tuesday morning for an update with the right answer!

UPDATE: Way to go, Ross, for figuring out that all of these songs come from albums featuring a picture of a buffalo on the cover!

1 comment:

  1. all albums have a buffalo on the cover. Boomshakalaka!