Thursday, May 31, 2012

this week's adventures in motherhood: I love you, mouse {baby book club giveaway}

Coming down off the high of Lorelei's birthday week...ahhhh.

I'm so glad we didn't do a big party, because as a result we've had some lovely small celebrations with the people who matter to us -- Lorelei got to enjoy several individual visits from grandparents, her uncle and soon-to-be aunt, cousins, and friends, and they got to enjoy having her all to themselves rather than fighting through the crowd at a raucous party. Not that I'm disparaging anyone's choice to throw such a party: I love a good bash and am in the midst of planning one myself (a detailed post coming soon!). But this worked out perfectly for us.

A few birthday-related pics:

On the night of the 24th, after a picnic lunch and a birth minute kiss and a feast of avocado and birthday cake followed by bath time in her very own brand new bathtub (look how excited she is!), Lorelei settled in for story time with Daddy. They read a book we received shortly after Lorelei was born that has become one of our most cherished bedtime stories:

I love you, mouse.
and if I were a mouse,
I'd build you a furry nest.
And we'd curly up together
and nibble some cheese.

I love you, cub,
and if I were a bear,
I'd find you a cozy cave.
And we'd hunt for some honey
and watch out for bees.

I love you, baby.
And since we're people,
I've built a house for you,
and given you a bed with warm quilts,
a cool drink of water,
a kiss on the nose,
and a quiet good night.

And since we cherish it so much, we want you to read it, too!

Lorelei and I have two gently used copies of I Love You, Mouse to give away! (The book is out of print or we'd get you some brand spankin' new ones.) To enter, just post a comment below. If you blog, tweet, or mention this giveaway on Facebook, come back and leave another comment too for more entries! Oh, and remember: for Lorelei's Book Club giveaways, the only requirement is that you promise to post about the book on your blog at some point and link back here. Pictures of your little one reading would be especially appreciated -- and don't be afraid to get creative if the "little one" lives far away from you or hasn't been born yet!

The giveaway will run through next Tuesday night (June 5th) at 10pm (CDT). Good luck!


  1. How sweet!! I'd love a copy of this book! And gently used just means already loved;)

  2. I loved to win! I'm always excited to read about the books you suggest!

  3. I got to babysit Margo on Tuesday night and she picked out her favorite books to read before bedtime. (Who are we kidding - they're all her's just which ones am I willing to read over and over again?) We read Good Night Little Pookie (yay for Sandra Boynton), Down on the Farm (basically a bunch of farm words...boring) and my current favorite, Alpha Oops! Maybe if I win Lorelei's book giveaway, Love You Mouse will join the nighttime rotation...or we'll keep it for reading at the house of "Auntie B"!

  4. I love these pictures from Lorelei's birthday, so sweet! I would love to win a copy to read to Chloe!

  5. There are so many sweet photos here. That book looks great, too.

  6. stumbled onto your blog and just wanted to leave you a little blog luv! Def enjoyed this post!! New Follower via email :-)

  7. We are planning a small celebration for Avery as well...we've come to realize that birthdays are more fun at home, with the people we love the most. : ) Such sweet photos...I hope you guys had a wonderful time celebrating this first year of life! Let the crazy, mobile years begin!

  8. oh goodness, those baby cheeks are absolutely perfect!!!
    xo TJ

  9. Yay, what a sweet birthday week! She is just a doll. I'd love to win!

  10. I love books, as does my little one! This book looks so precious. How sad that it's out of print. I also tweeted about your giveaway!

  11. Love her sweet baby cheeks! Levi's favorite bedtime books are Kiss Good Night, Goodnight Moon and The Going to Bed Book. I'd love to add another one to our ever-growing rotation!

  12. She is so stinkin' cute in that hat! But her face with the soccer ball is the best! Darwin loves reading with both his Mama and Dad. We'd love to add "I love you, mouse" to our collection! I also shared on the Young Nesters facebook page.

  13. Oh what a sweet baby face and an equally sweet book! I wanted to order it online, but bummed its out of print!! I think I need it for number two! xo

  14. Just tweeted too! Your blog design is so much cuter on the web than in Feedler!!

  15. I just tweeted. This looks like such a great book.

  16. Your baby is adorable and she's the first I've seen that is as bald as mine at pretty much the same age. Edie just turned 13 months.