Thursday, May 3, 2012

this week's adventures in motherhood: first birthday party planning.

Here's what I have planned for L's first birthday, which is exactly three weeks from today:

{crickets chirping}

Am I excited that she's turning one? Of course! Have I been keeping track of gift ideas for her on Pinterest? Absolutely. Will I be inviting anyone over for cake-smashing, gift-wrap-ripping, and general merry-making? Nope. I even made my husband promise that we would make sure neither of our parents were in town for the big day (granted, this was in part to avoid having too many houseguests and/or having to choose which grandparents got special treatment) so it would be just our little family of three.

When she's old enough to remember birthdays, I will throw her any kind of party she wants and will gladly handle the stress of cooking for a ton of people, coming up with cute favor ideas, and cleaning up the giant mess afterwards. But the first birthday is really for the parents mom. And this mom wants a quiet evening at home with our photo albums, a glass of good wine, and some alone time with my memories of the hardest and most wonderful year ever.


  1. Hear, Hear! What a great idea!

  2. I love it! I've already told Hubs that we're going to go very small for Noah's first birthday. And you're completely right...the early birthdays are for us.

  3. I threw a small bash... for the pictures. So that down the road, after it's all said and done, we can look back and enjoy them, and she'll see just how many people were there to celebrate her. Yes, it was fun, but yes, it was a little bit of work. But the pictures are great and I'm glad we did it.

    That said, I really REALLY can't wait to do themed parties when she's older and can actually enjoy the work that goes into them!

  4. I think that makes perfect sense! It's true that the first birthday parties are more for the parents - or, yes, moms - anyway, which had me feeling a bit silly about putting a bunch of time and effort into Annabelle's first, but it was what I wanted, too. I love that you're able to do just what you want as well! Congratulations on reaching the end of the "hardest and most wonderful year ever." Such an apt description!

    1. Exactly, Melissa -- if throwing a huge party makes you happy, DO IT. It's not going to make me happy (this year, at least), so I'm not going to. Gotta celebrate in the way that is most meaningful to you!

  5. Thank you for writing this. I am feeling the same way, I wish the four of us could just go to the zoo or on a hike...but the family is expecting it, and they keep asking me about my plans and if I've gotten started on the invitations. etc. etc. They mean well, but I'm just not the party-planning sort of person. It's all very stressful!

    Happy Almost Birthday to your sweet girl!