Friday, June 15, 2012

round 'em up, cowboy.

Some links to love for your Friday:

Hot off the presses -- Brent's intimate look at being a stay-at-home-dad. So nice to get the perspective of Melissa's other half! (Also, I loved this post of hers recently, since it relates so much to what I've been thinking about.)

Oh, fashion bloggers -- this guy has you pegged.

A feminist takes on the brigade of Disney princesses.

A post on Postpartum Progress has The Feminist Breeder in a tizzy -- what do you think?

Two great giveaways: one for baby and one for you!

A humorous look at how hard it is to be a parent -- even for a few hours.

Until next week...


  1. I LOVE that article about Disney princesses. I never cared about princesses growing up...I liked sports and reading. : ) But Avery is SO girly. That is such a great way to look at them!

  2. I love that open letter to parents one. Fantastic:)