Tuesday, June 5, 2012

things are looking up (update)

Thanks for bearing with me for my rather ugly post this morning. The good news: Plan B seems to have worked!

After all the badness with the first wedding supply vendor I tried to use, an amazingly nice woman boxed up everything I needed and express mailed it before noon today. She even contacted me to say she wanted to make sure it was okay that she was sending one of the supplies in a slightly different package so it would all fit into one flat-rate box. So sweet!

So, an unsolicited vendor plug: Theresa from Crafty Theresa D Supply is a pretty awesome person. :)

A picnic lunch and some baby smooches seem to have perked me back up, as have reading some of your cheery posts today. I'll be back to my normal positive posting self tomorrow, I promise!


  1. Awesome, point returned for Etsy! Hope you called up your credit car or paypal and told them to cancel payment on that other order.

  2. Glad to hear it all worked out..and I hope you filed a dispute with the other seller to get your money back!! ugh!! I've been pretty lucky on Etsy, but have had just a couple of bad apples...
    ♥ Kyna

    1. I've honestly never had a bad experience before, and I've been a member of Etsy since 2008!

  3. Yay! This is such good news! I hope you take pictures of the party favors...I love seeing decor at showers!

  4. I was just catching up on your posts and I am so sorry to hear about that mess! What a nightmare. I'm glad things worked out though!!

  5. So happy it all worked out!! Phew!!

  6. Nothing like some baby smooches to restore your faith in humanity. So glad it's worked out, that sounds like a nightmare!