Thursday, September 27, 2012

adventures in motherhood: lights, camera, action.

I seriously do not know how you bloggers who have kiddos who don't take any naps do it. I can't even post regularly now that Lorelei takes only one! You're killing me, Smalls!

Things I've been preoccupied by this week:

1. Lights. As in, all of the lighting fixtures in my house. We're trying to make some small changes around here to get everything ready to put our house on the market in February (the start of buying season around these parts), and if you've been following my Pinterest board you can see that I've been light obsessed. I feel like ceiling lights are things that potential buyers won't notice unless they're hideous -- a category ours probably fall under at the moment. I'm thinking a trip to Ikea this weekend might be in order...any other great on-the-cheap home furnishing suggestions?

the only light I've decided on so far: two of these will hang (close to the ceiling) in the kitchen

2. Camera. Still don't have mine fixed, and my newest shop updates are looking a little worse for the wear with the point-and-shoot I'm using instead. Oh well. I did manage to get some cute pictures of Lorelei recently, though of course when I look at them I just see the ways in which my "real" camera would have captured the moment more perfectly. First world problems? Yep, definitely.

3. Action. I've been on the phone with repairmen -- and meeting with them -- a lot more than I would like in terms of my dreams about how to spend my free time, but at least we're making some headway on the house. New range hood? New faucet for our kitchen sink? Estimate on painting the exterior wood trim a color other than bright yellow (you can sort of see it in that photo above -- color suggestions?)? Check, check, check. Next up: getting an electrician in here to install all our new lights...once I order them, that is! It feels good to be finally jumping feet/head/everything first into this project, since I've been wanting to update our house since we moved in and it just never seemed like we should take the time/effort/money to do it. At least we'll get to enjoy it for a few months before we move, right? :)

p.s. 3 more days of knowing that your larking. purchase is going to support the fight against ovarian cancer!


  1. good luck with all the work you're embarking on now! sandlot is one of the best movies of all time. I've loved it for-e-ver, for-e-ver, for-ev-er...

  2. Avery stopped taking naps completely at 1 1/2...I thought I was going to lose my mind. I still do sometimes. What I wouldn't give for her to nap again! : )

    And how was I not following you on Pinterest? Can't wait to see some of your house ideas over there!

  3. Oh I am right there with you! This kid isn't even born yet and between a bunch of family visitors and 3 weddings in 6 days I am SPENT. We too are doing a bunch of updating with hopes of moving in March/April. Because you know...what could make having a tiny infant and being in grad school at the same time less stressful?? I know!! Add in a move...


  4. I'd say that preparing a house for sale could be at least as time consuming as blogging, not to mention an etsy shop. You seem to be managing wonderfully! I could probably take a lesson or two from you myself. We could use some more attractive light fixtures in this house, too, so I'd love to see what you find :)

  5. Our house has that horrible lighting that you speak of. There are two chandeliers, and I immediately wanted to take them down and replace them. We went to Ikea, we went to hardware stores, we even went to a habitat for humanity store where we found tons of our exact same lights that other people deemed unworthy. While we were house hunting I really wanted to get the Ikea Maskros.
    That is even why we went to Ikea. I had been seeing them online and thought they were just beautiful but when we walked into Ikea they had them all over the friggen place. Immediately I couldn't bring myself to buy it. It became too popular and the fact that Ikea was even trying to cash in on that by shoving it down their customers throat was not lost on me. It's sad, even looking for the link again and seeing it for the first time in months makes me still wish we had it. I want something that looks new, fresh and bright, but I don't want something that is trendy and will look dated in a year or two.