Thursday, November 8, 2012

a grateful heart [part one]

I love seeing everybody's daily thankful posts in my Facebook feed, on Twitter, and even in blogland during the month of November. It's so nice to focus on gratitude for 30 whole days and makes me think I should probably be doing it year round! Posting about it every single day is a little much for me, but I've been collecting my moments of gratitude and I'll be sharing them once a week on Thursdays this month.

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Today, I'm grateful...

1st have an extended family that loves each other so much we are sad when we can't be together for holidays! So lucky not to have the deep-seated feuds others struggle with.

2nd ...for an extra pair of hands around the house when Jason is out of town for a conference. Thanks for making the trip during a busy time, Grandma Sara!

3rd live within easy driving distance of enriching places and activities to help my curious toddler learn and grow.

4th have a warm house to snuggle with my family in.

5th ...for a hidden stash of Halloween candy when the whining just gets a little too intense.

6th ...for new friends, and for old friends who keep calling you even though it's really hard to find time to connect (love you, Bethie!)

7th ...for the freedom to love and celebrate and worship and create and think in ways that many people in the world long for.

8th ...for surprises in the mail.


  1. November is such a great time for remembering to be thankful! Last year I did Thankful Thursdays as well, and it was so much fun. I can't wait to read yours!

  2. Love this post Courtney! It is so important and refreshing to take a minute to realize all that you are grateful for!! I need to do something like this on my blog soon!

  3. This post is so sweet and sincere! ALso, thank you so much for the sweet comment today!