Sunday, September 15, 2013

winner winner chicken dinner.

A quick announcement about our baby guessing pool: prizes are in the mail!

I thought it'd be cute to package them in ice cream containers - especially these flavors, since I'm desperate for coffee most of the time and Phoebe is already quite the chunky monkey. :) Plus, I got to eat the ice cream! Win win.

The "date" part of the pool was a bit tricky. Melissa B. was technically the closest, so she wins the grand prize of birth date + birth time + birth weight of $16.32 at a favorite local ice cream shop. But Alyssa was suuuper close too, and had the date right, so we sent her a consolation prize for the amount of $8.17, Phoebe's birthday.

The name pool didn't have a grand prize winner, because no one really guessed the name correctly the first time around except my mom and my brother, who eliminated themselves from competition for fairness purposes. But Ann came up with the name due to some pretty amazing sleuthing on her part - and we wanted to reward her with a little something (in the amount of Phoebe's birth weight, since her birth time of 1:04 is a little stingy as a prize) for being such a super name detective!

Check your mailboxes this week, ladies - and congrats!

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  1. Oh, I was so close - just one day off! Oh well, it would feel like cheating if I won both baby pools. Off to eat some ice cream in honor of your chunky monkey!