Friday, May 16, 2014

happy days.

I've been microblogging my #100daysofhappiness over on Twitter. I decided not to follow the directions and I've been photoless so far - it just feels artificial to have to document everything with a camera instead of just living it, you know? It's been fun deciding which moments from my days to celebrate and document, and I feel like it's really in keeping with my goal to be more intentional in my words and actions.

Yesterday started out gray and rainy and chilly. We're attempting to get rid of Phoebe's swaddle for good this time, so she's crazy overtired and her naps are almost nonexistent. Both girls got covered with food at lunch and I had to eat standing up because a certain baby was too fussy to sit still. I wrangled both girls on my own at dinner and bedtime because Jason went to Chicago for a "work conference" (ha, ha) and ended up needing to stay the night after having a little too much fun. It would have been super easy to focus on all of that and be frustrated about the whole day.

Instead, I happily watched my little girl in two Pippi Longstocking braids and her favorite pink shoes head off to visit preschool with her Daddy. I got to have lunch with two great friends who took turns bouncing my baby and laughing at Lorelei's antics. I was stopped multiple times on a stroll around the pond in the afternoon with compliments about my "funny" and "cute" toddler who is a "great little walker." I managed to get Phoebe in the back carry position with the Ergo all by myself so I could get some work done. Lorelei had a blast in her "girls' night" bubble bath. And I got to finish the last of the black raspberry frozen custard all by myself because no one was around to fight me for it.

This morning? Snow (!?), Phoebe was up crying at 5, the house was a mess by 9, and Lorelei had an epic tantrum. But you know what? I bet I'll still have trouble picking what made me the happiest. (Find out here!)


  1. The happiest part of my Thursday was lunch with my favorite girl gang!

  2. I love your perspective Courtney! I'm definitely guilty of getting caught up in the mess and stress of it all some days.