Friday, April 29, 2016

"This is supposed to be fun." | Jazz Fest 2016

In general, Jason and I are a good balance for each other - we have opposite personalities in so many ways, and so the combination tends to fall somewhere in the middle. But we can both be pretty tightly wound in certain situations, especially when it comes to Big Events Where Something Might Go Wrong. Our kids, since they're not able to fully process and understand emotional turbulence, act out accordingly: Lorelei gets very worried and neurotic at the first sign of us snapping at each other, and Phoebe looks for all the ways she can get everyone's attention by being as naughty as possible.

We had been planning for months to go to the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival on "local Thursday" to see some great Louisiana music as well as Lorelei's favorite singer, Elvis Costello. As the date crept closer, the logistics of parking and port-a-potties, not to mention the threat of thunderstorms, made our plans seem impossible. We seriously debated not going, a tense conversation which made Lorelei weepy. Was it worth all this effort to spend a few hours covered in mud with whiny kids and the not-insignificant risk of food poisoning?

On Thursday morning, I went to Target to buy cheap Elvis Costello glasses for the girls and we devised a family mantra: "This is supposed to be fun." Whatever happened, we were in it together, and the whole point was to do something as a family. Come what may, we'd have great stories to tell later.

We'll have enough stories to last us for a long, long time.


  1. Oh yeah! Good times. Great photos.

  2. I'm so glad it worked out and that everyone had a good time. I love every single one of these images.

  3. Kudos to you. As a member of the Tightly Wound Club myself, I'm impressed and inspired. Also, photos on point!

    1. Side note, I had no idea that photo of me was tied to an account, but I do know that I'm driving a car in Wonder Woman footie pajamas.

  4. Great photos! And you did it! I have to laugh at this because my husband and I have said the exact same thing while glaring at each other while the kids create a Swedish Chef-style mess out of lunch while we're on an "adventure." We've talked ourselves out of going so many places, but that has left a trail of regrets. At least having a less-than-fun time at a place we'd never otherwise be still gives us the chance to say we did it. Good for you!

  5. I am was so happy reading this. Love to you all. The girls look so thrilled.

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