Friday, September 16, 2011

an apple a day...

(image by Bob Fila of the Chicago Tribune)

...and speaking of apples, I haven't had any yet this season, despite a fabulous article in the Chicago Tribune about all of the great new (and old!) varieties popping up in grocery stores this fall. And maybe that's why I got incredibly sick this week!

I always get sick at this time of year. I bet if you studied my employment records, you could predict with remarkable accuracy when I would be most likely to take a sick day. I was hoping that, since I'm at home with L this fall, I'd bypass my usual week of stuffy nose, fever, and general malaise, but alas -- I seem to simply be fated to be ill during the middle of September.

This year had me worried, though: what if L gets sick? I've been washing my hands more often than Lady Macbeth and trying to avoid breathing on her directly, which is awfully difficult when you're dealing with a baby who can't do anything herself. Luckily, I received this in my email inbox this morning which made me feel better about exposing L to some germs. At least she's getting some great antibodies as part of the package deal! Just another reason why breastfeeding is so powerful. (Based on my earlier struggles, I kind of can't believe I've been at it for almost 4 months now!)

There's just something about being sick that makes you really long for your mom -- no one knows how to make you feel snuggly and safe the way she does! So far (knock on wood) we haven't had to worry about that with L, but I hope that, when it inevitably happens, I can be that kind of comfort for her like my mom was for me.

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