Tuesday, January 17, 2012

working towards a resolution.

My mom came to visit this weekend, so I got to spend a whole bunch of time working on my birthday resolution #6: purging my house of all sorts of things we don't need. I started in the kitchen and filled a huge box + a garbage bag -- it's embarrassing that our cupboards are still bursting at the seams, but it feels great anyway.  So far, haven't missed a single item. I also started tackling our bedroom in order to do an on-the-cheap remodel (check out my pinterest board for the inspiration!).

In the meantime, baby + "Gramma B" got to spend a lot of quality time together. As we learned at Christmas time, playing with empty boxes is the best! So is knocking down tall towers -- especially now that L can crawl (she's been perfecting her technique over the past week or so).

What do you think -- does it look like she had a good time?

Can't wait to post some "after" pictures once the bedroom makeover is finished!


  1. I love getting rid of stuff I don't need anymore, it always feels so good! and L is so adorable, i love that picture of her knocking down the cups!

  2. Your daughter is ADORABLE! I love her face!

    I def have to purge our home, before I got married my husband rented out all the spare rooms to some kids from Campus Crusades at George Mason, needless to say even though they were great renters, over the past 7 years all of them have left stuff behind. So we need to purge badly. We have like 8 blenders in a basement closet and 4 sets of dining ware.

  3. Oh my word, she is so cute! And her little heart pants and adorable!

    I just took a huge load of stuff to the Salvation Army...it always makes me feel good when I get rid of stuff I don't need!

  4. I've been purging a lot of old, unused things too. I, too, still feel like I have more than I need. I'm happy you're feeling so good about cleansing. I know some hoarders and I really can't imagine what it must be like to struggle to get rid of things.
    Oh, and your little one's heart printed pants are adorable! :)