Monday, March 5, 2012

monday morning mixtape.

Happy Monday!

In response to last week's mix, the theme for this week is a love song to my current location. And just one song, because at almost 7 minutes and with two subsections (I: World's Columbian Exposition/II: Carl Sandburg visits me in a dream), it's like multiple songs in one!

(Okay, I technically live in a small college/farm town an hour west of Chicago, but there aren't any cool songs about it. Plus, Sufjan Stevens rocks, despite what the last paragraph of this tells you.)

The Professor and I have a constantly-updated playlist of songs about places -- so if you have a favorite tune about your hometown, let me know about it!

p.s. speaking of the Columbian Exposition, have you read this book? For some reason, I haven't posted my review of it -- but it's definitely a "you must read this" pick.

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  1. I love Sufjan (we're on a first name basis). And, the Devil in the White City was great. I tended to like the chapters about building the fair, not the ones about the serial killer.