Tuesday, March 6, 2012

if I had $100.

Do any of you agree with me that fall fashion is so much better than spring? The fabrics, the colors, the layers...and as cute as any model might look in them, I'm just not a shorts girl.

(image 1, 2)

But it's always nice to daydream about sheer dresses, open-toe wedges, and bare arms after being bundled up in my heaviest winter coat for umpteen months. So here's what I'd splurge on, if I were spending an afternoon shopping for myself this spring:

The top from this Polyvore set -- I've already got the bag, jeans, and shoes (well, similar at least) to complete the look.

This sweater, in case it gets chilly.

A shamrock shake while I still can.

This album, which comes out today.

$22 + $15 + about $3 + about $12 with my BN discount + a spa pedicure at my favorite local salon = $100

In case you have missed my other "if I had $100" posts, click here and here -- and I'd love to know what you'd be spending a sudden windfall on!


  1. I think I would take my mom for a spa day with $100. I could really use the respite and it's the least I can do for her, she really does so much for baby D. Or I'd spend it on a trip to the in-laws. With gas and tolls it's about a $100 trip. They don't get to see D enough because they're a 5 hour drive away from us. So either way I guess I'd want to do something with our family.

    And also, I love the yellow shoes!

  2. I love this post, its so fun! I love both fall and spring fashion, both are my favorite seasons!That outfit and sweater you picked out is gorgeous, I am really loving yellow lately!

    If I had a $100 I would buy a whole new outfit with accessories and I would make sure I had enough left over to get a mani & pedi!

  3. I love that fall outfit. I'm definitely more into fall fashion, too. I love the spring outfit you picked out, though (and Shamrock shakes).

  4. Can I do this in pounds? a coffee and breakfast for J and I from Ginger&White , a new top from TOPSHOP (to match my blue suede flats from j.crew), new camel cardigan from H&M with some fun earrings, and a pedi.

  5. Awe, I'm personally a spring fashion type of girl! :-)
    ♥ Kyna

  6. I loooove Shamrock Shakes!! Although I just had one the other day and it didn't taste as good as I remember them tasting...maybe my tastes have changed? It was also kind of a grody McDonalds...which worries me a bit...

    I love that outfit with the yellow shoes and accessories, so cute!

  7. fun post! i definitely just pinned the photo of the girl in the blazer w stripes. so classy and unique.