Tuesday, July 24, 2012

did you read what I just read?

I am craaaaaaazy behind on reading blog posts. As in, I spent two hours catching up on Monday and still haven't made it through everything. Yikes. But in case you missed them, here are some totally-worth-it reads:

Everything Michelle writes is genius: book recommendations, messy kid stuff, musings on the digital age.

The sweetest little song ever.

Murr at Our Little Clann is my latest blogger crush -- she and her daughters are unbelievably cute, plus they live in my old stomping grounds.

Remember when I tweeted (and FB'ed) about Robyn's lost cat a million years ago? SO happy that story has a happy ending. If you need a pick-me-up, read this now.

I'm sure you've been reading Megan's series about her twin pregnancy journey, right?

I love reading what Lynn has to say about her ex-pat life -- especially this recent post about being shoved into housewifery. Yes, I made that word up.

Also, I got featured on a quirky little blog, English Majors Unite.

Sorry I've been so MIA on your blogs lately -- if there's something you posted that you want to make sure I don't miss, give me a holler! Otherwise, expect to see me commenting furiously in the days to come :)


  1. I'm also way behind on my reading, and as a blogger, I feel so guilty when I can't keep up with other people's blogs. But there just aren't enough (quiet!) hours in the day.

    1. I know, it's so hard! I'm thinking about cutting out one (or more) days of blogging each week and devoting it to just reading/responding to other people. I feel like it's an important commitment, since I want people to read what I'm putting out there so I should reciprocate, right? But there is definitely never enough time.

  2. Aw, thank you for your kind words. I don't know that I would say "genius", but I'll take the compliment! And thanks for sharing the other great reads!

  3. oh gosh! thanks so much for your incredibly sweet words!! you're way too kind! :)
    i've always been behind on blogging reading until I started subscribing to my favorite blogs by e-mail. i TOTALLY recommend it! it's probably the easiest way to keep up.
    thanks again for the blog love, courtney! xo

    1. I like the email subscription idea -- that would probably be a good solution for me. Thanks!