Thursday, July 5, 2012

goal update.

2012 is halfway over -- figured it was about time that I revisited my birthday resolutions once again! The blue text comes from my goal update back in February. The red is from today.

1. Learn how to embrace the beauty and wonder of today rather than wishing it would hurry up and be tomorrow or somehow get back to what it was like yesterday. (okay, I can't really cross this off yet, but that felt soooo good.) -- totally still a work in progress, but I feel like I'm getting there! Definitely still working on this one, but it's so much easier than it was back when I wrote this goal.
2. Start my Etsy shop. For reals this time. This means making a list of all of the minutiae that have been holding me back and then working my way through them -- and writing about it here to keep myself honest. -- I've been working hard on this one, but I still have quite a ways to go before my target date of March 20th. Up and running since April 9th! I've made 40+ sales and will be doing my first craft fair in August.
3. Figure out what in the world to do about whether I am going back to work next fall. (This might be a little bit of an unfair resolution, as I'm required to do this by February whether I like it or not -- but, again, crossing things off a list is so cathartic!) -- yep, I've decided. Check back next week for more.
4. Write a letter to my grandmother every week. She doesn't have a lot to look forward to each day due to her struggles with Lewy Body Dementia and she used to send me the most wonderful letters and packages so I want to return the favor while I still can. -- I've been faithfully writing, and writing a letter every day this month to keep up with thischallenge, too. I haven't done it every week -- but I haven't missed too many. This reminds me that I need to write another one today!
5. Learn how to use my brand new DSLR so my blog looks the way I want it to. (Have I mentioned that my husband is super dreamy? Thanks for the best present ever, J!) -- Can you tell I'm getting a tiny, tiny bit better? I never allow myself to use the automatic setting, if that means anything... Still learning! Still need to get more familiar with the manual, too.
6. Purge our house of all of the things we don't need. Just like with #2, this is going to require a lot of smaller steps first, but I am determined to get it done. -- Sloooooooowly. This one hasn't moved forward as much as I'd like. But I have made several trips to Goodwill for drop offs...
7. Go on a trip with L that isn't just to our parents' houses. And go on a trip without L. (gulp!) -- Not even close. We're headed to Chicago next week, Colorado in August. No plans just yet for a trip without Lorelei -- but maybe this fall!
8. Make some meaningful connections in my small town and in the blogosphere. -- I like to think so! I'm working on it :)
9. Have a lot more moments like these. -- I've only gotten really, truly frustrated with L twice since this post. I think that's progress, don't you? Most days are great days -- it's nice to be able to say that and mean it.

As for my "no new clothes" goal, I've done pretty well! I did buy a new dress and shoes for my brother's wedding next weekend. And I've been the grateful recipient of a few new items of clothing (thanks Mom!) -- but since I didn't buy them myself, I think I've been pretty faithful to my original promise.

I'm adding a new goal here, too, related to my post (and giveaway!) on Tuesday. I want to work at being a healthier mom so I can set a good example for my daughter -- so I'm starting small with something that I'm really bad at: drinking enough water during the day. I know that sounds almost childish as a goal, but if I'm going to get frustrated with Lorelei for refusing to drink anything but breastmilk, I should be showing her how to do it, right?

How are you coming along with your resolutions? Anything new you're focused on?


  1. Over 40 sales in such a short time is awesome. Congratulations! I'm so curious to hear what you've decided about going back to work. That's a question I struggle with frequently.

  2. Yay you! I also have trouble drinking enough water - when I was working I would just get the giant water from starbucks (sorry earth, but it is triple filtered and has a straw), so now I don't drink water and it tastes funny in London. I finally decided that I will buy bottled water so that I actually drink it. Adding lemons, cucumber, mint, or sparking water also help me drink up.

  3. Great job with these goals!!
    ♥ Kyna