Friday, September 7, 2012

oh yeah - I have a blog!

Sorry I've been so MIA, everybody. Life has gotten in the way -- Jason's sister just had her first baby (I'm an aunt! Whee!), lots of shop sales (thanks so much!), a toddler who is having a rough transition dropping her morning nap, the tentative start to some house-hunting and big decision-making, and feeling like I'm coming down with something -- but I'm here, I promise.

we also just took Lorelei to the zoo for the first time!

Some things that have been capturing my attention:

Her voice.
The possibilities here - and they're free!
How did I not know about this cuteness before?
We've been obsessed with this show lately - I haven't laughed so much in a long time!
What are your thoughts on the most popular names in the UK last year?
Loving all of the autumn pins flying around Pinterest - especially anything pumpkin :)

And I'm so grateful to Margaux at Young Nesters for taking me on as a sponsor this month to promote my shop as I fundraise for the fight against ovarian cancer! Stop over to her blog to see her other sponsors and see what she and Darwin have been up to this month.


  1. Happy to help! How was L with the animals? I'd like to take D to a petting zoo. We already have a dog so we have practice being "gentle" and "soft" though he does like to sit on her...

  2. Great links! Those courses. Amazing. That may cure my itch to go back to school (at least for a little while). Also, Amber is a popular name in the UK? Who knew? I was certain that name went out of vogue in the '80s just about everywhere.

  3. Even though you've got other *real life* stuff going on, you still share the best links! I always get lost in them (happily), especially the courses! This could be trouble!

    Hopefully you feel better, and that Lorelei makes the transition sooner than later! I'm thinking we're starting the transition, too, and it makes me sad and kinda stressed, so I feel ya. Ugh.