Wednesday, January 9, 2013

my new favorites.

Hanukkah, Christmas, and my birthday all fall within a few weeks of each other, so I end up with a massive pile of goodies to sort through every January. Right now, they're mostly still in a pile on the floor, because cleaning anything up seems pointless when I just have to box it all up anyway for our move (we close Friday!  more details soon!).

But here are a few of the things that have already made their way out of the pile because I love them so, so, so much (click on the images for the source):

Anthropologie's Morning Birds Sweatercoat, a.k.a. my new uniform

the Smitten Kitchen Cookbook (I love it even more without the dustjacket!)

Nordic Ware mini-bundt brownie pan

Zutter Bind-It-All, because I really need to be crafting rather than packing right now...(to learn more, check out Robyn's post!)

What new holiday goodies have already become staples at your house?


  1. I need to get that Smitten Kitchen book. I've loved that site ever since I first saw her homemade oreos I still haven't even made them, but her posts are so beautiful and since I hate cooking it is often the inspiration I need to get in the kitchen.
    Also, thanks for the link love. Have you made any spiral bound books yet?

  2. That sweater. I WANT. I would never take it off.

  3. Smitten Kitchen!!!! That sweater is boss!
    I'm seriously in love with your blog and vow to keep up from now on!