Friday, January 4, 2013

real world math.

1 very busy Etsy shop + 1 impending closing date on a new house + 3 weeks of traveling + 1 dead laptop = this blogger's long absence from the interwebs.

Now we're back at home (well, our home for one more week) and my laptop seems to be working again, so I'm taking a moment's break from packing to share a recent family photo, taken at Paciugo Gelato in the Mall of America on my birthday this past Wednesday:

I'm so classy.

Posting will still be spotty for a bit - but I'm here and looking forward to playing catch up in the new year! Happy 2013, everybody :)


  1. Happy birthday, and happy new year! Love this photo! : )

  2. A few long overdue things:
    1. It was so good to see you when you were in town - sorry I was busy and couldn't chat longer! Next time for sure...!
    2. Good luck on the house - can't wait to hear more about it.
    3. I am absolutely, completely in love with that sweater of yours (the one you're wearing in the picture) - if I was looking at you funny when you saw me it was because I was trying not to drool over it...hehe! Where did you find it?

    1. I've been wearing that sweater non-stop since I got it for Christmas! It's a vintage find from this great Etsy shop:

  3. I'm excited to hear more about the house :D :D :D

  4. Yay glad to see you back for a bit, I have missed reading your post's! Happy belated birthday, love the picture! and congratulations on the new home, cant wait to hear more about it!

  5. haha I love this photo! Happy New Year to you!

  6. So many exciting things. Happy New Year and Happy Birthday! So glad to hear that the computer is up and running again, and I hope that all goes smoothly with the house.

    We've been considering a little long weekend trip to the Twin Cities to see some friends and I was trying to decide if the Mall of America would be too much with a toddler. It seems like you guys had lots of fun.

  7. You have been missed, but it sounds like the reasons for your absence are all positive. How exciting for you! I love that photo, and the way you and your husband seem to be expressing completely opposite emotions. I hope the look on your face is a reflection of how your birthday was!