Wednesday, April 8, 2015

how to host a Rex Manning Day party

Ingredients for a successful Rex Manning Day party:

Hand-lettered costume party invites, photocopied (remember that Rex's lunch scene?), folded into junior high-style notes, and mailed in shiny silver envelopes

Empire Records on VHS

Swag bags filled with Bonne Bell Lip Smackers, movie-inspired renamed nail polishes, animal-print slap bracelets (to match the infamous couch, of course!), and mix CDs of tunes circa 1995 (each guest was asked to bring one for a swap)

A button-making station and supplies for weaving friendship bracelets while you watch the film

Contests for "best brownies" and "best impersonation" - with movie-themed prizes like this card and this bag

Sugar High punch, based on this recipe

A bunch of friends who love reminiscing about the 1990s and are great sports!

Happy Rex Manning Day! We're open 'til midnight!